今週のワンポイント英会話 第554回

Tiresome.= Fatiguing.


Standing on the train for a long period of time is tiresome.




Newspaper and drink

My newspaper didn't come this morning. No big thing but an hour later my 75 years old newspaper guy popped in my office with my paper. He said that his bicycle had a flat tire so he was late. He then said to make it up to he would take me out drinking.  I wonder.....
 In America if my paper was late, would the paper boy take me out drinking?


make it up to : 埋め合わせをする, お詫びに〜する
pop : 突然現れる


On a cold afternoon

I was standing on the corner on a cold afternoon handing out fliers, when an elder gentleman said to me in English " It's cold isn't it?" I replied that it was and then he said to me in Japanese, "GOKURO SAMA".  Smiles.




今週のワンポイント英会話 第552回

Ace./To ace.=The best. / To win or score high on a test.


Tanaka is the ace pitcher for the Eagles.
You can't be ace, if you are lost in space.
/ I aced my test.




Before a meeting I had at a factory,  one of the employees asked what my favorite food was. I jokingly answered Diet Coke and Giant cones. When lunch time came,  sandwiches and coffee was served to everyone but meI received a Giant cone and a bottle of Coke.
In Japan, say what you mean and mean what you say.

今週のワンポイント英会話 第550回

Open-minded.=A person who is able to accept new ideas or other people's opinions.


If you want to get along in this world, you must be open-minded.






今週のワンポイント英会話 第543回

Wi-Fi squatter. = Someone who sits in a restaurant or coffee shop for a long time to use Wi-Fi for free.


There are so many  Wi-Fi squatters in Starbucks using their computer, Starbucks looks like an office instead of a coffee shop.




今週のワンポイント英会話 第542回

Food for thought. = Information to think about.


What to do on my next day off is food for thought for me.




Coffee shop and Wi-Fi

Why is it that every time I go into Starbucks the place is full of 'Wi-Fi squatters' ( people who use coffee shops Wi-Fi for free)? It changes the atmosphere from quiet coffee shop to office space. Don't these people have homes?

Steal or just borrow 2

Do you remember the blog about two guys who stole a bicycle? Yesterday morning,  I watched the police arrest a guy for stealing a bike. 
I guess that there is some justice I the world.

Who is it?

Early this morning while riding my bike, I was passed by someone on a bike with long mid-back brown hair and wearing very short hot pants and a skimpy halter top. When I got closer,  I found out that the lovely young thing was actually a guy of about fifty and he was wearing 'older people's glasses'.
'It's a beautiful world'.


*skimpy halter top:ピチピチのホルタートップ


My dear toilet

Maybe you remember the story about my washlet toilet which somebody stole, don't you?
When we had this beauty, a number of middle aged guys would always come to my floor to use it. It has now been replaced by a very small, dirty and uncomfortable toilet. But these same guys keep coming to use it.
Is it possible that men can become attached to a toilet? 


今週のワンポイント英会話 第540回

To sign off on something. = To give the O.K. for something.


Before we upload these videos, the chief has to sign off on them. 




Young girl next to me

I was on the subway today and a pretty young girl rushed to sit next to me.
When she sat next to me, I was happy, but I almost died from the powerful aroma of her perfume.



今週のワンポイント英会話 第539回

Things are looking up. = Things are getting better.


Things are looking up, so don't look down.

動画はこちら → http://youtu.be/Wov6EPcnK50


Grateful for a little girl

Since I have really bad knees, I walk like a guy with two bad wheels. Every time I get on the subway a little girl in a high school uniform jumps up and offers me her seat. 
I feel very grateful and I also feel very old.


Steal or just borrow?

I was handing out fliers at the subway station. I parked my tricycle next to an unlocked bicycle. Two guys came up to me and asked me if one of those bikes was mine. I told them that tho one on the left was mine.
They confirmed that the one on the right wasn't mine and then proceeded to take the bike on the right. I told them that if they steal the bike I'll call the police. 
They said that they weren't stealing the bike but only borrowing it. Since there are a lot of guys out "borrowing" bicycles, keep yours locked.


今週のワンポイント英会話 第538回

It's your call. = It's your decision.


We can go out or stay home.  It's your call.



On the street, I ...

In my flier I advertise that I do 2,000 sit-ups a day. Yesterday, on the street  a man about sixty dressed in a fine suit asked me to prove it. 
I lifted up my polo shirt to show him my flat stomach. He stood there for about a minute gazing at my stomach. 
I proved my point but it must have looked like I was showing him my..... 
You understand ....



今週のワンポイント英会話 第537回

Zero dark thirty (0 dark30). = Slang for very early in the morning.


I always begin my day at 0 dark30.




Tonight there will be fireworks in Juso. About 700,000 people will come, watch and return home. Tomorrow Nishinakajima will be a ghost town.


High school baseball tournament

High school baseball. Now there is a national high school baseball tournament in Osaka. Nishinakajima  has a number of cheap hotels so the city is full of strong young deeply tanned men. They are often seen swinging bats and jogging around the area. Since this tournament is an elimination competition,each day fewer and fewer of these young men are seen around town. 
It's a bit sad but I guess that's life.



今週のワンポイント英会話 第534回

In the cards. = In the future, something that is going to happen. 


One of my sons will marry soon.  It's in the cards that I'll have a grandchild soon.

動画はこちら → http://youtu.be/fMNon47WGNk


今週のワンポイント英会話 第533回

In safe hands. = To be well protected. 


Since this building has a number of security systems, I feel that I'm in safe hands.

動画はこちら → http://youtu.be/MNrIuXbeHe0


Senior lady

Today I saw a tricycle like mine with a large basket on the back of it. The basket was full of three small,children and a senior lady was peddling furiously*.

*furiously : 猛烈に、激しく。




Maki, our office manager, is also a piano teacher. She has a number of students and among her students she has three sets of twins!




Stop the leak .....

Three weeks ago I noticed that the men's room sink was leaking. I called the building repair staff and asked them to stop the leak. They soon arrived and wrapped the pipe with bright green tape. Then they placed a large sign which said that the sink was broken. 
Three weeks later the tape and sign are still there but the sink is still broken.
I called to find the reason and they said that I had asked them to stop the leak and they did.


今週のワンポイント英会話 第530回

To nix. = A slang word which means no, not at all.  


To keep my weight down I must nix ice cream. But I don't want to.



Young woman at Umeda station

I met a young woman dressed in a company uniform the other day at Umeda station. She said that she had checked my web site and she found out that my hobby was weight lifting. She said that her hobby was "Bally". I said "Bally ball"? She then started to dance around gyrating her hips. She meant belly dancing!

*gyrating : gyrate 旋回する



今週のワンポイント英会話 第528回

Prime time. = The best time.


Prime time for television is between 9:00pm and 11:00pm.



今週のワンポイント英会話 第527回

That's life. = That's the way it is, if can't be helped.


I got to work late this morning because the train was delayed. It's no use getting upset. That's life.




今週のワンポイント英会話 第525回

A heart of gold. = A person who is very kind, helpful and understanding.


Everyone's mother has a heart of gold.




Before diving into the pool this Summer, you might like to take a couple of seconds to think about what a lot young kids and some seniors do in the pool.


今週のワンポイント英会話 第524回

To live and let live. = Not to worry about small things and to forgive the mistakes of others.


When driving, I am sometimes cut off by a rude driver.  Instead of being angry, I just say live and let live.



今週のワンポイント英会話 第523回

Play it by ear.= To make up as you go along.


If you don't understand the situation, play it by ear.

YouTube → http://youtu.be/_slktHvNkw0



今週のワンポイント英会話 第522回

A beautiful world = Some things are good and some things are bad. But in the end, everything works works out because it's a beautiful world.


It was a cold and rainy day yesterday but it's warm and the sun shining today.  It's a beautiful world!!!


Alien and the nurse

When I take a physical examination, the nurse must take a blood sample. When she is about to draw blood, I tell her that I'm an alien. At which time she agrees.
And then, I say...
 "Since I' am alien, my blood is green. So please don't be shocked."
 I love to see the look on her face.


When I bought my tricycle, it came with instructions and safety tips. On the back page I found this written in English.


So if you see any little green men with pointed ears, please explain bicycle safety to them.



Recently I bought a tricycle. The reason why I bought a tricycle is that I have really bad knees. (Too many squats and too many miles of road work.)
Also I know of at least five people who have been injured badly falling off their bicycles. Since my knees don't work well, it would probably crash.
This thing is great! I can use for shopping, carrying stuff or for just riding around. I don't have to worry about falling off.
Please remember that a lot of people over 40 years old are killed of injured on bicycles..


今週のワンポイント英会話 第521回

Pie in the sky. = To think rightly and over optimistically.


I think Mr.Abe's new economic program is pie in the sky.


The tall guy and ........

The other day I told you that I saw a very tall girl with a very short guy. Today I saw just the opposite. I saw a super tall guy with a very, very short girl. She was just a little higher than his knee! They were holding hands and they looked like a loving couple. They also looked like some kind of circus act.

*opposite : 反対の




Soon vacation season will be upon us. Many people ask me the location of my vacation spot. I always answer,'South Shore'. Most people reply that they have heard of the place but have never been there. Actually South Shore translated into Japanese means Minamikata. Nishinaka jima-Minanamikata is the location of my school.


今週のワンポイント英会話 第518回

Cheer up!= To urge someone to be happy or to change their mood.


Cheer up! Things can't be that bad.


今週のワンポイント英会話 第517回

Whopper = Something really big.


Recently I caught an 18 inch fish. It was a real whopper.



After training, I took a shower. Coming out of the shower soaking wet I noticed one of our senior members who was apparently near-sighted, wiping his nasty butt with MY towel!
When I complained of this he apologized and gave me back my wet towel. He then asked me to help him find his towel.
Dude, that depressing.

*soaking wet : びしょ濡れで
*near-sighted : 近視
*Dude : (米俗)呼び方(hey, dude. や驚いたときの感嘆詞


今週のワンポイント英会話 第515回

Cheerful = Happy, bright or vibrant


Everybody likes a cheerful person especially in the morning.



Her child or ......?

I saw a very tall women walking and holding hands with a very small boy. When they came closer I found out that the boy had a beard. What I thought was mother and child was in fact boyfriend and girlfriend!




今週のワンポイント英会話 第512回

Dazzle = To overpower with light. To confound with beauty or cleverness.


The young girl dazzled everyone with her beauty.        



今週のワンポイント英会話 第510回

A world of hurt. = To be in pain or in some trouble.


From time to time I have to have water taken from my knees.  At that time I'm in a world of hurt.


My buddy told me that he took his wife to their favorite bar for her birthday celebration.  The owner of the bar gave his wife a bottle of wine for a birthday present.  His wife was thrilled.  
As they were leaving, my bro went to pay the tab.  
The owner charged him the usual tab plus ¥10,000 for the bottle of wine!
This is the kind of bar that I want to stay out of.

*thrill : (自動)感動する、ゾクゾクする  (他動)感動させる 
*bro : 友人
*tab : (レストランなどの)勘定書


Helping hand

Since I'm still on crutches, I was having trouble walking up a flight of stairs in the station when I was helped by a little old lady..... 
who had a walking stick! 
 Smiles all around.


今週のワンポイント英会話 第509回

To know the ropes. = To understand something well.  To know the method of operation.


I've been teaching English for 34 years.  For sure I know the ropes of this business.


My knees

I've had some water removed from my knees so I can't use my legs. The doctor told me that I had to stay on crutches for at least two weeks! Crutches really suck! They hurt my armpits and they are difficult to use. A good point is that everyone is kind and helpful. That's the only good point.Everything, I mean everything is difficult on crutches. Osaka is a 'barrier free' city so using the trains and stores is pretty easy. Using crutches gives you strong forearms!




Major shock! 
I  love donuts and I'm a donut monster. Today I went to my favorite donut shop and I found that my super #1 donut, 'old fashion' had become smaller and thinner.

 I will never forgive the donut shop for this.


今週のワンポイント英会話 第508回

To make ends meet. = To take in as much money as you pay out.


If I don't work hard, I won't be able to make ends meet.

Tim's story

An old man 93 years old was sitting on a park bench and crying. 
A young women asked him why he was crying and he said that he had found love with a twenty- five years old women. He told her that they laughed and made love everyday. 
The young women inquired if his tears were the tears of joy. 
The man said no. 
He said he was crying because he couldn't remember where he lived!


At the dentist

I went to the dentist today. In the waiting room a man sat next to me. In English he asked me who I was and I told him I was " Tim". Then I asked him who he was and he told me in English, I am " Japanese mafia".
 I guess that even the tough guys have to go to the dentist.


My wash-toilet

I complained to the building manager about my wash-toilet which was stolen. I told him that in Japan even highway rest locations have wash-toilets.  He told me that if I wanted to use a wash-toilet that I should go there.

High school girl and the men

Yesterday I saw three middle aged couples walking along the street when suddenly a high school girl fell off her bicycle. ( unhurt) The men rushed to help her get her back on her bike while the women stood by with irritable expressions on their faces.


Perfume ....

Yesterday I was standing on the train next to lady who must have taken a bath in some very, very strong perfume. I almost passed out due to the powerful odor. 
People who wear such powerful perfume should be classified as 'perfume terrorist'.

In the shower room.....

A female instructor in my gym told me that she saw a fight in the women's shower between two over 65 years old ladies. In the nude! 
God save me!

My wonderful little wash-toilet

I found out what happened to our wash-toilet. I checked out this building and I found that my wonderful little wash-toilet had been stolen and set on the floor where most of the middle aged men work. Is there no justice in this world?


I worry......

Every morning at 8:00 it is not unusual to see a lot of middle-aged men with the NIPPON SPORTS newspaper in their hands waiting to use the restroom with wash-toilet system. But yesterday the building management took the washlet away for some reason. I worry, where will the wash-toilet tribe go now?

*tribe : 〜族



I met a Swedish guy the other day and he showed me his new tattoo. His tattoo was in kanji. And he didn't understand what the kanji meant. Daidokoro was written on his arm in blue ink. I didn't have the heart to tell him that daidokoro means kitchen.



Friction = Conflict due to difference of opinion


Sometimes there is friction with my staff due to their schedules.

At 8:00

Japanese middle aged guys really love the WASH-TOILET system.  In my building, there is only one "WASH-TOILET system"  and it's on my floor.  Every morning at 8:00 there is a line of middle aged men pacing nervously in front of the restroom on my floor.

*WASH-TOILET system : 温水洗浄便座
*line : 行列


Christmas at the spots club

At my sports club they put up a giant Christmas tree on November 1st and they took it down on December 24th in the evening!

*put up: 飾る, 提供する
*take down: 下げる、降ろす

The drunk and cops

Late last night I noticed a violent drunk being taken into custody by four policemen.  Although the drunk was very unruly, the police were gentle with him.
YODOGAWA cops are tops.

*drunk : 酔っ払い
*take someone into custody : 〜を保護する、拘束する

At coin laundry

Last night at coin laundry a couple asked me how to use the washing machine.
They wanted to know if they should put their coins into the machine before they push the start button or after they push the start button.
As the president of the United States of Nishinakajima - Minamikata, it was my duty to help.


At the shopping store

I belong to a member only shopping store.  Most of the members are affluent and over 60 years of age.  Many are very successful businessmen.  It is interesting to see them standing behind their wives holding pink bags.



Today I have declared myself the president of the United States of NISHINAKAJIMA-MINAMIKATA.

* declare:宣言する

YODOGAWA Ward Office and ....

I went to Yodogawa ward office recently and I found that their service was fast, courteous and correct.

Near the bank,  I saw someone dressed in an animation costume. Pink fluffy dress, pind high heels, blonde hair and a long pink umbrella. 
It was a man about 50.

*ward office:区役所
*courteous:丁寧な, 礼儀正しい



Out of order   =   Does not work correctly.